Welcome to Jacob’s Online Help Desk for Math 263 Ordinary Differential Equations for Engineers at McGill (Fall 2020) taught by Prof. Antony Raymond Humphries. Here you can get in touch with me and find information about my sessions.

  • Everything you need you know about Math 263 
  • O.D.Es at McGill, the long view

    This is one of my favourite courses to teach: the material can appear so intimidating if it isn’t presented properly, but once you understand it, it really isn’t that difficult and is absolutely fascinating.

    This course emphasizes the benefits of an understanding-based approach to mastering the material more than many others: there is simply too much material for students to succeed without really understanding the content. My advice is to get started early: the course starts off easy, but those easy topics are the foundation of later, more complicated material, so you need to aim for a high level of mastery right from the start, not just applying an algorithm for solving problems. Simple theory that seems superfluous at the start of the course turns out to be critical when you reach more advanced topics at the end of the semester (when it’s too late to back track).

    Don’t take my word for it though – ask anyone who’s taken the class! Being able to solve the problems isn’t enough, you need to really understand what is going on if you don’t want to get caught off guard later in the class.

  • About Math 263 sessions with Jacob 
  • Math 263 online sessions with Jacob

    My Math 263 sessions will help you master the concepts and theory presented in the course lectures. They include detailed, typeset notes that explain the terminology and notation. The notes are carefully designed as interactive documents that provide you with a chance to engage the material during the session so you can test your understanding, and also include representative, fully-solved problems and additional practice problems.

    During our time working together, we will look at detailed, developed solutions, meant to illustrate different aspects of the material in a systematic, structured and easy-to-follow approach. Solutions are colour-coded to make it easy for you to see through the barrage of symbols and focus on the key concepts. It’ll also help you learn to structure your answers efficiently and effectively, so that the logic of the solution is clear to you (and the marker!).

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