Welcome to the homepage for McGill Math 262 Intermediate Calculus (Winter 2019) taught by Prof. Charles Roth, at Jacob’s Math Help Desk!

All the content taught in Math262.com sessions has been catered specifically for Math 262 students at McGill and has helped thousands of them understand the material and succeed in this class.

This class is a first taste of calculus unleashed on the 3D world. The good news is that if you really understood the concepts from Math 133, Math 140 and Math 141, then this class will mostly extend those concepts. The bad news is that, if you didn’t understand the concepts from 133, 140 and 141, but focused instead on being able to answer questions (maybe with a little help from Uncle Wolfram?!), then you’ll have a bit of review to do. Fortunately, I can definitely help you regardless of where you fall on this spectrum!

In particular, this class has an opaque structure that can make it hard for first-time students to know what topics are really the most important. Not only that, but historically the teachers spend an inordinate amount of time reviewing material that is already familiar to students (e.g. sequences and series; vector geometry) and then blitz more advanced, challenging material (e.g. Power-, Maclaurin- and Taylor-Series), when they run out of time. We’ll do just the opposite in the weekly Mastery Lectures: we’ll focus on the new material and develop an intuitive understanding of these topics. In fact, we’ll aim to get ahead of the class right from the start so that you can get more out of your class lectures. &nd if you’re worried about those “familiar” topics I mentioned above, fear not – I’ll still provide you with everything you need to learn that material so you feel totally comfortable in this class.

It is relatively easy to succeed in this class; however, many students wait too late to get the help they need and don’t have enough time to master the material before Midterm and can find this stressful and discouraging (though, even then, there is hope!). This creates unnecessary stress for the second half of the semester, which only makes things more difficult than they have to be. As with any McGill math class, there isn’t really time to go back to refresh on early topics later on in the semester, so be sure to not only understand, but really master the topics as they are presented throughout the semester. This will also make future classes like Math 263 and Math 264 much easier.

Beyond the Weekly Mastery Lectures that I offer, I will also run WebWork Workshops (pending sufficient interest), Midterm Mastery Prep and Final Exam Mastery Prep.

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