Welcome to the Final Mastery Prep page for Math 222 at McGill with J-Sesh. Here you can find information about the sessions (see directly below) or any of the following:

The Math222.com Final Mastery Prep sessions are highly structured and efficient sessions designed to help you take your understanding of the course concepts to the next level. We’ll look at strategies for saving time and structures for minimizing computational errors; and break down the most complicated topics to make them really accessible.

About Math 222 Final Mastery 1:

The first Final Mastery Prep sessions will start by covering everything you need to know about multiple integration and exam-level applications of partial derivatives. All problems are taken from or based on past exam questions. Advanced applications of partial derivatives include proving identities involving partial derivatives; distinguishing between a function’s implicit and explicit dependence on a variable; the Jacobian and its application to implicit partial derivatives, as well as systems of implicit partial derivatives. Topics related to integration will include identifying domains of integration; expressing domains as limits of integration; making multivariate substitutions; polar-, cylindrical- and spherical coordinates, as well as applications of multiple integration. We will also review the most advanced examples of multivariate differentiation. The focus of the session will be adjusted to the content emphasized by your Prof., so as to best reflect the content that will be on the exam.

N.B. in order to focus on truly advanced, exam-level content, students will be expected to attempt ~15-25 problems prior to the session; the solutions will be reviewed at the start of the session.

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About Math 222 Final Mastery 2:

The focus of the second Final Mastery Prep session will be determined by you and the other students at the session: additional notes covering Power, MacLaurin and Taylor Series; common exam-level applications of the gradient and linearization; extrema and constrained optimization using Lagrange Multipliers, including ~55 exam-level problems related to these topics will be provided as a framework for the session, allowing us to focus on the most challenging topics. Finally, students will receive a challenging mock exam which, time permitting, we will solve together.

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Cost &nd Payment Info:
  • Any one of the Final Exam Mastery Prep Sessions:$80. Includes one mastery prep session, notes and practice problems.

Special Offer: All two Final Exam Mastery Prep sessions $120. Includes all three mastery prep sessions, notes and practice problems.

The sessions are limited to ~20 students. Spots are confirmed upon receipt of the deposit within 4h of registration (see details in confirmation email). If applicable, discounts are automatically applied upon registration. A confirmation email with the total, and information on payment options will be sent to the email address provided during registration.

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