Welcome to the Final Mastery Prep page for Math 140 at McGill with J-Sesh. Here you can find information about the sessions (see directly below) or any of the following:

The Math140.com Final Mastery Prep sessions are highly structured and efficient sessions designed to help you take your understanding of the course concepts to the next level. We’ll look at strategies for saving time and structures for minimizing computational errors; and break down the most complicated topics to make them really accessible.

Detailed descriptions of the sessions and costs are based on last semester, so are subject to change. Check back here towards the end of this semester for minor changes.

About Math 140 Final Mastery 1:

In this first Mastery Prep Session, we’ll cover everything you need to know about limits, advanced differentiation and related rates. We’ll briefly review the core definitions and how they relate to graphical interpretation (for use in curve-sketching); common forms of limits (both finite and infinite); helpful strategies to avoid unnecessary algebra and solve problems faster; special limits that are important to know for the exam; piecewise functions, limits of absolute values and trig functions, and more.

Next we’ll make the connection between limits and derivatives, looking at exam-level derivative problems requiring limits, before moving onto differentiation by application of the product, quotient and chain rule in advanced, exam-level problems. We’ll look at classic final exam problems from past Math 140 exams and similar problems of equal difficulty for application to related rates. To help you get comfortable with rates, we’ll breakdown problems into several categories and explore each one systematically. By the end of the session, you’ll have everything you need to tackle any limit or derivative or related rate problem you might encounter on the final with speed and confidence!

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About Math 140 Final Mastery 2:

The second Prep Session will help you master the linear approximations; use of differential elements and logarithmic differentiation. You’ll learn the essential tricks to mastering questions requiring implicit differentiation; optimization (including word problems); using the derivative to identify extrema; curve sketching (including domains + asymptotes) as well as a few more important theorems.

As usual, we’ll focus on exam-level problems and the emphasis will be on problem-solving; identifying patterns in different types of common questions, as well as strategies that will help you save time and avoid small algebraic errors on the exam.

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About Math 140 MOCK Exam:

This final Prep Session will be a problem-solving session that brings together the material from all the other sessions in the form of a mock final exam. We will recreate an exam-like setting so students can get a sense of their performance under stress and get an idea of where they ought to focus their time in the last days before the exam.

The session will be broken up into roughly three parts. Students will receive the exam and will have a limited amount of time to solve the first section. The amount of time provided will be unrealistically short, to reproduce the stress experienced during the final, so the emphasis will be on identifying relevant methods and implementing them quickly. After each section, we will go over the solutions together. Related problems will be recommended, where needed.

The sessions include detailed, typeset notes, including a total for the three sessions of >200 challenging practice problems. The notes include carefully-structured, colour-coded explanations so you can focus on understanding the material (instead of just frantically copying from the board), and you’ll have lots of time to actually attempt solving problems, to ensure that you’re able to apply your understanding to exam-level questions, and get immediate feedback. By the end of the sessions, you should feel confident about the sections you’ve mastered, and know exactly where to focus your efforts in the days leading up to the exam.

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Cost &nd Payment Info:
  • Any one of the Final Exam Mastery Prep Sessions:$100. Includes one mastery prep session, notes and practice problems.
  • Any two of the Final Exam Mastery Prep Sessions:$160. Includes two mastery prep sessions, notes and practice problems.

Special Offer: All three Final Exam Mastery Prep sessions $210. Includes all three mastery prep sessions, notes and practice problems.

The sessions are limited to ~20 students. Spots are confirmed upon receipt of the deposit within 4h of registration (see details in confirmation email). If applicable, discounts are automatically applied upon registration. A confirmation email with the total, and information on payment options will be sent to the email address provided during registration.

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