Here you’ll find information about Math 140 at McGill – if you’re looking for other information about Math 140 sessions with Jacob, try here:

This is an incredibly satisfying class to teach because I have the opportunity to help you understand some of the most important foundational concepts in calculus. Sometimes these are students who have never felt they had any real success in math, previously, who end up developing an appreciation for the material when they start to see that they can actually understand it and succeed in their class.

If you are already managing to find answers, I’ll help you develop your mathematical reasoning and help you focus on the most important concepts; concepts which will return over and over (and over!) again in future classes. Without someone to help you identify this important material, it’s easy to get lost in the large mass of topics. Not to mention that it feels great to get to later classes and have the content seem easier and easier while everyone else is struggling more and more. It all starts with this class!

Beyond the Weekly Mastery Lectures that I offer, I will also run, if there is sufficient interest, WebWork Workshops, Midterm Mastery Prep and Final Exam Mastery Prep to accompany you all along the semester.

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