Welcome to the Final Mastery Prep page for Math 139 at McGill with J-Sesh. Here you can find information about the sessions (see directly below) or any of the following:

Detailed description of the session and cost are based on last semester, so are subject to change. Check back here towards the end of this semester for changes.

About Math 139 Final Mastery Prep:

This Final Mastery Prep Session will be a problem-solving session that brings together the material from the entire course in the form of a mock final exam. We will recreate an exam-like setting so students can get a sense of their performance under stress and get an idea of where they ought to focus their time in the last days before the exam. It will be primarily geared towards students who are already well prepared for the exam and / or are studying my online final exam course (which can be found here).

The session will be broken up into roughly three parts. Students will receive the exam and will have a limited amount of time to solve the first section. The amount of time provided will be unrealistically short, to reproduce the stress experienced during the final, so the emphasis will be on identifying relevant methods and implementing them quickly. After each section, we will go over the solutions together. Related problems will be recommended, where needed, and additional time will be reserved for additional questions (questions will be voted on directly by students).

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Cost &nd Payment Info:
  • $50. Includes the mastery prep session, notes and practice problems.

The sessions are limited to ~20 students. Spots are confirmed upon receipt of the deposit within 4h of registration (see details in confirmation email). If applicable, discounts are automatically applied upon registration. A confirmation email with the total, and information on payment options will be sent to the email address provided during registration.

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