Welcome to the Midterm Mastery Prep page for Math 133 Linear Algebra and Geometry at McGill with J-Sesh.

The Math133.com Midterm Mastery Prep will focus on exam-level problems from the most challenging content seen so far. We’ll look at strategies for saving time and structures for minimizing computational errors, and break down the most complicated topics to make them really accessible.

The session includes detailed, typeset notes, including a lot of challenging practice problems. The notes include carefully-structured, colour-coded explanations so you can focus on understanding the material (instead of just frantically copying from the board), and you’ll have lots of time to actually attempt solving problems, to ensure that you’re able to apply your understanding to exam-level questions, and get immediate feedback.

Content of the session will be adapted to the topics specified by your Professor, so that you’ll get the most out of the session. Space is limited and registration is first-come, first served; so be sure to register right away, if you’d like to join us!

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Cost &nd Payment Info:

*Costs of the sessions will be added when registrations will open.*

The sessions are limited to ~20 students. Spots are confirmed upon receipt of the deposit within 4h of registration (see details in confirmation email). If applicable, discounts are automatically applied upon registration. A confirmation email with the total, and information on payment options will be sent to the email address provided during registration.

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Register for Math 133 Midterm Mastery Prep:

** The Saturday session is now full. You can now register for a group on Sunday. **
Other services available for Math 133:

            Weekly Mastery Lectures
            Final Mastery Prep

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For discounts and special offers on upcoming sessions - let us know what class you're in!