Welcome to the Final Exam Prep page for Math 123 at McGill with J-Sesh. Here you can find information about the sessions (see directly below) or any of the following:

About Math 123 Final Mastery Prep:

The Math 123 Final Exam Prep is now being offered online on a platform that allows you to work through it all at your own pace, any time that works for you.

It includes ~180 practice problems inspired from past Math 123 final exams at McGill and ~15h of video explaining the solutions in simple language. I’m really proud of the project and excited to be able to share it.

Register &nd access to the Midterm Mastery Prep here.

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Registrations, Cost &nd Payment Info:

Registrations, cost &nd payment info available here.

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Other services available for Math 123:

            Weekly Mastery Lectures
            Midterm Mastery Prep

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For discounts and special offers on upcoming sessions - let us know what class you're in!