Here you’ll find information about Math 123 at McGill – if you’re looking for other information about Math 123 sessions with Jacob, try here:

This is very satisfying class to teach because a good teacher in a smaller learning environment can make a huge difference.

Although the class starts off pretty slow and easy, students often get caught off guard when it comes to the midterm because although they understand individual ideas or steps in the solution, they aren’t as comfortable interpreting the meaning of their results. As with any math class, this is easily avoided if you keep up with the class throughout the semester so that as the Midterm approaches you’re able to focus on refining your understanding as opposed to getting your first exposure in a crash-prep session.

Part of the long-term challenge in this class is that, unlike Math 122, the course concepts don’t build on each other; instead, you’ll study several units that are effectively completely independent of each other. While this gives you 2 or 3 chances to get a fresh start with a part of the course, it also leaves you open to forgetting or ignoring large chunks of the class. In the weekly sessions, I include regular review and practice problems from all sections to keep you fresh on all the material so that you’re not left re-learning everything come the midterm and final exams.

Whether you join the weekly sessions or not, if you want to do well in this class, push yourself to really understand each topic and concept as it comes up, and be sure to circle back on questions you found challenging when the class has moved on to other topics. Don’t be satisfied with just being able to get the right answer for your WebWork assignments, that won’t be enough. Maintaining your understanding of each topic will make the end of the semester much less stressful for you, leaving you with more time to focus on other classes.

Beyond the Weekly Mastery Lectures that I offer, I will also run, if there is sufficient interest, WebWork Workshops, Midterm Mastery Prep and Final Exam Mastery Prep to accompany you all along the semester.

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