Welcome to Jacob’s Math Help Desk for classes at McGill!

I started running math lectures catered specifically to McGill classes over 10 years ago, while completing 3 degrees, myself, and have helped thousands of McGill students actually understand their course material and succeed in their class.

I work exclusively with small groups to ensure that every student has the chance to ask their questions and get the clear, easy-to- understand answers they need to be able to tackle their assignments and prepare for their exams. Every session has been carefully developed and has correspondingly detailed and colour-coded notes to explain and illustrate the concepts and theory step-by-step; illustrating each facet of a new concept with representative, fully-solved problems, and giving you the opportunity to test your understanding immediately with additional practice problems.

My philosophy of teaching:

My primary goal in teaching is to help you discover the material for yourself, not simply feed you a meaningless algorithm for finding equally meaningless answers. Of course, answers are important; however, devoid of meaning and understanding, they will ultimately undermine your success in any university class. As such, I work hard to provide you with everything you will need to master the material and ace your class … and maybe even enjoy the experience along the way! & do don’t be surprised if some homemade cookies or brownies show up at the session, either!

My values:

  • Focus on students
  • Quality of teaching
  • Understanding of the material

If you have any questions or would like additional information, don’t hesitate to get in touch with me – I’m here to help!

Hope to see you in a session soon!
All the best,
Jacob B.

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